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Rest in Peace!

Showatt, Jan 9, 11 9:57 PM.
A Sad Day to all Original Showtimers.

If you haven't notice, Icewitch and Veraroza are no longer in Showtime due to inactiveness. It is a sad day since this is the first time originial Showtimers are booted.

Icewitch have been a trememdous asset to both the guild and myself, while playing with Vera has been extremely fun. For those of you who don't know them, they're the ppl who came up with various of Showtime meme such as:

"Why so xxxx?"

"Man it sure is xxxx around here."


They are the original Showtime Assault Team during the War against FinalFantasy. They were responsible for dealing the most damage during that war, topping even members of Nameless.
They are the reason why I am able to tank half as well as I do, since Icewitch farmed me 15 soul of earth for my sword.

Icewitch and Veraroza, you will be sorely missed by those who know you (except maybe Ponzu, cuz Vera still owe her a prophet legacy.)

All I can say is, May you R.I.P.
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Man... It sure is RESET around here.

- Veraroza, upon noobs resetting the World Boss
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